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"yesmoke: Here is the new company"

Excellence of <>

Savoy smoke

Piedmont has contributed a lot to the history of tobacco in Italy. And now it houses the only cigarette factory in our country, which has just reopened.

"Yesmoke is reborn"

The company that had challenged the tobacco giants.

"The rebirth of Yesmoke cigarettes"

The Yesmoke brand will return to the market: it was purchased at the bankruptcy court by the Swiss investment bank Swiss Merchant Corporation through the newsco Tuxedo Srl

"Yesmoke's made in Italy cigarettes are back on the market"

Yesmoke’s made in Italy cigarettes return to the market in October after a brief absence due to the technical timing of the handover from old to new management and of the authorization process.

In October the "new" Yesmoke cigarettes return, excellence in the "made in Italy"

Turin entrepreneur appointed CEO of the Company based in Settimo


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