Our Mission

made in italy

Yesmoke is an example of successful Made in Italy. A brand that has embraced the culture of making from the beginning and know-how, values that have always distinguished our country’s industry and craftsmanship.


Born in Turin, Yesmoke continues to maintain its operational headquarters here. A company designed taking as an example the production model and the historical ability to make industry of this city.


From the start Yesmoke chose to do business by placing creativity and efficiency at the center of the production process. In the Settimo Torinese plant, new blends are currently being studied which, thanks to an advanced internal laboratory, they can be tested without conducting animal experiments.


From the beginning, YESMOKE has made autonomy its flag. The choice to be a totally independent reality in the panorama of the tobacco manufacturing industry is a guarantee of product quality, both for the consumer and for the distribution network.


YESMOKE is a unique company in the sector, just as the product it brings to the market is unique: a 100% Made in Italy cigarette produced with quality raw materials and sold at a competitive price.

excellent value for money

Not tested on animals

Bio filter without chemical additives

the internal laboratory