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Yesmoke has the following certifications
The ISO 9001: 2015 standard is a globally qualified tool for the certification of Quality Management Systems. It guarantees the competence of an organization in managing company resources and processes to ensure final customer satisfaction, striving for constant improvement.
The ISO 14001: 2015 standard is an international tool that outlines the parameters of the Environmental Management System, created to certify the commitment to reduce the impact of polluting activities and enhance any opportunities that may emerge from the context analysis.
ISO 45001: 2018 is a tool that contributes to the mitigation of risks to health and safety in the workplace, improving company performance through the creation of a safer work environment and a healthier workforce.

Integrated Management System Policy

Through an integrated management system, Yesmoke intends to develop its commitment to the continuous improvement of the results in the field of quality, environment, safety and health in the workplace, aspects that it considers strategic and to which it dedicates the maximum commitment, operating in line with the following principles:

  • manage its activities in full compliance with the obligations of compliance, the customer and workers’ health and safety. In this context, the commitment to the prevention of environmental pollution, accidents and occupational diseases is expressed;
  • achieve the objectives set for quality, the environment and for the health and safety of workers;
  • continuously supply products that comply with mandatory and voluntary requirements;
  • meet customer expectations
  • promote the commitment to continuous improvement through the assessment, control and surveillance of the environmental aspects associated with the exercise of its activities, the assessment of the risks associated with the failure to meet the requirements of the relevant interested parties and in particular the risks associated with health and safety in the workplace, minimizing their impact by optimizing those aspects assessed in the SGI Improvement Plan revised and periodically reviewed. This commitment goes through all the actions aimed at the prevention of pollution, accidents and occupational diseases;
  • identify suitable improvement measures, which are implemented through the preparation of specific environmental, quality and safety objectives and programs;
  • maintain an Integrated Management System that, through the continuous application of the documentation and the behavioral practices adopted, allows the correct conduct of its activities, its continuous adaptation to changes, in order to guarantee the improvement over time of standards and set goals. For this purpose, this policy is periodically reviewed so that it is always consistent with the context of the organization;
  • ensure appropriate training and training of company staff, to obtain the involvement of all human resources towards the constant improvement of professionalism, quality of performance, sense of responsibility and awareness of the management system activities in the ultimate goal to satisfy the requests of the Customer and relevant interested parties relating to compliance obligations.

In the context of full compliance with the relevant stakeholders, this policy is configured as a dynamic element in order to be able to implement the requirements relating to their needs, in view of the strategies inherent in the context in which the company operates.

Settimo Torinese, 10/22/2018

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