Tobacco processing process

Once the tobacco is stored and aged, it goes on to a final processing phase according to the recipes for the mixture used to produce the different types of cigarettes.

This process includes slicing the bales, conditioning, applying casing, shredding, drying and flavoring the tobacco mixture. Once the process is finished, the raw material is finally ready for the production of the cigarette.



This part of the line cuts the tobacco bales through a vertical blade optimizing the weight of the latter to speed detachment and separation inside the packaging cylinder. The slices obtained are conveyed via a conveyor belt to the DCCC (conditioning and tanning cylinder).


DCCC (conditioning cylinder and tanning)

This machine is a tobacco conditioning and tanning cylinder. The slices coming from the Slicer are introduced into the cylinder by means of a vibrating belt and broken up here, humidified by steam and tanned with the casing aroma without degrading the tobacco.



This part of the production line is used to mix and condition the tobacco from the DCCC, loaded via the suitable mobile trolley. The humidity and aroma of the tobacco mixture are homogenized during the dwell time inside the silos.


tobacco shredder

This machine shreds tobacco from the silos.
The mixture, the level of which is measured by special sensors, is poured into the compacting device, is pressed through a special belt and chopped, to a predetermined size, by 5 knives mounted on a rotating drum.


dryer cylinder

This machine is used to dry the still wet tobacco coming from the shredder. The chopped mixture is dried by the combined action of hot air passing through the cylinder and steam batteries that line the surface of the cylinder.


Tobacco dust extractor

Questo componente dell’impianto non interviene direttamente sulla lavorazione del tabacco. Trattasi di un’aspiratore dotato di filtro per le polveri che vengono prelevate lungo la linea Primary dopo che la miscela è stata essiccata. Le polveri vengono depositate all’interno di appositi contenitori e successivamente stoccate.


Rib line / Mini Feeder

This machine is used for adding expanded ribs to the previously chopped and dried tobacco mixture. The ribs are inserted inside the Mini Feeder via the tipper and automatically dosed from there into the mixture. This operation is guaranteed by a special weighing device installed under the belt.


Cilindro Flavour

The function of this machine is to improve the aromatic properties of tobacco by means of flavor flavor. The mixture passes into the rotating cylinder where it is sprayed with the flavors. Thanks to the mechanical action of the blades mounted on the internal surface of the drum and the highly efficient action of the nozzles, fully automated, the process of adding the aromas is homogeneous.


Silos of treated tobacco and automatic suction system

This is the final part of the Primary line and is composed of 4 silos placed side by side where the tobacco stays for a defined time in order to increase its quality. From the silos, tobacco is transferred via an automatic suction system to the cigarette production lines.