Cigarette production and packaging process

After the preparation and conditioning process, the tobacco is ready for the production of the cigarette. We have arrived at the phase called “Secondary”, consisting of the production of the actual cigarette, and the packaging of the packs of 20 cigarettes, the sticks of 200 cigarettes and the master cases of 50 sticks.

secondary - production and packaging

Creation of the cigarette

Maker G.D 121/G.D AF12

The shredded tobacco arrives from the Silos in G.D 121 where in a first phase it is automatically checked and parts not suitable for production are discarded. The material obtained is transformed into a double continuous worm (paper + shredded) which continuously feeds the G.D AF12. The filter insert G.D AF12 takes the filter rods coming from the machines producing the filters, Molins PM5, cuts them to size and glues them to the worm coming from G.D 121 to finally obtain the finished product, the cigarette.

The last operation is the drilling of the filter with ROFIN laser to obtain the established ventilation of the cigarette. It is important to note that the entire production process is completely automatic and uninterrupted, also thanks to the automatic paper reel change.
sigarette al minuto

secondary - production and packaging

Warehouse for cigarettes

Buffer G.D B21

The G.D B21 is a warehouse for cigarettes of the FIFO (First In – First Out) type, capable of guaranteeing complete product traceability. It is used to directly connect the maker and packer to the cigarette production line. The cigarettes from the makers are stored in the buffer. Once filled, the Buffer is gradually emptied by the packing machines.

secondary - production and packaging

Machine for packing cigarettes

Packer G.D X3

The G.D X3 is the cigarette packing machine. It automatically picks up the product from the Buffer G.D B21 and through several wheels in sequence forms the packet of cigarettes which thus only needs to be cellophane anymore.

secondary - production and packaging

Cellophane wrapping machine for cigarettes and cartons

Packer G.D X3

The C600 / Pack-OW wraps packages from the Packer G.D X3 with polypropylene and applies the government label and a tear-off tape to the package. The cellophane packets are divided into groups of 10 and sent to the splinting machine placed at the end of the line. The finished cartons of 100 cigarettes are then sent to the cartoner.

secondary - production and packaging

The automatic vertical case packer

senzani SBNE

The Senzani SBNE is the automatic vertical case packer with a very compact lay-out with height exit of the case. The cartoner receives the sticks from the G.D line and forms 2 stacks of sticks that are pushed inside the carton until it is filled. The cardboard thus filled and closed by gluing at high temperature and then taped.


Production process and filter distribution system

The production of filters, obtained with the latest technologies, is a flagship for Yesmoke.

The filter is an extremely important and delicate element, because it determines the correct balance of the cigarette, and is subjected to constant quality control by laboratory technicians.

secondary - production and distribution system of filters

Production of cigarette filters and filter warehouse

Molins PM5/TO6E & FlexLink filter buffer

PM5E / TO6E is an integrated system for the combination of raw materials for the production of cellulose acetate filter rods. The TO6E is able to manage all types of cellulose acetate and liquid plasticizer, with easy access to all controls, all securely protected with transparent covers.

Once produced, the filters are conveyed into the FlexLink buffer located above the two Molins lines from where you can be transported from the belts to the Pegasus 3000, which distribute them to the makers.

secondary - production and distribution system of filters

Filter distribution system

Molins Pegasus 3000

Molins Pegasus 3000 is a filter distribution system. The filters from the Molins PM5 / TO6E are fired with compressed air through a system towards the makers. The system is completely modular. Each distribution module is completely autonomous, with its own separate motor, air supply and control system.

secondary - production and distribution system of filters

warehouse of the finished product

The master cases reach the warehouse by means of a conveyor belt. Here the robot creates the pallets and organizes them completely automatically.

secondary - production and distribution system of filters

Palletizing system with the robot

ABB IRB 660/FlexLink

It is a fast, high-performance machine. The robot picks up the cartons with the sticks from the production lines and places them on platforms. The design and the palletizing system were carried out by FlexLink.